BotskiName: Hannu Balk
Occupation: Systems Engineer @ Finnish News Agency
Location: Metropolitan Helsinki, Finland
Email: / Twitter: HannuB

I got my first computer on my first school day. That old war horse Amiga 500 served me well for years and guided me to the wonderful world of computers. Soon I started programming with Amiga’s BASIC language and made some simple programs and games. Years passed and somewhere in the beginning of the millennium I stumbled into the virtualization.

Like most of us, I was amazed all of the opportunities it made possible. In the autumn of 2013 I had opportunity to participate in to the VMware FastTrack course which enabled me to take VCP5 certification. After hard studying I took & passed VCAP-DCA exam in April 2014. Now I am on my way to VCAP-DCD…

Certificates so far…



Things I am good at…

During the years with the computers I have managed to learn few computer languages: C#, C/C++, Java, Javascript, Few different shades of Assembler, Perl, PHP and Visual Basic. For couple years I have preferred C# and I have done most of my coding with it. PHP and Javascript I also use quite often.